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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included?

All our photography plans include:

A Pre Wedding Consultation – We’ll meet for a tea/coffee (in person or by Skype!) and go through your wedding day, get to know your likes and dislikes. If we have not been to your wedding venue before we do a pre wedding visit to identify the best locations for your photography.

Two photographers on the day – Ronan is the main photographer. Rosie acts as second photographer and assistant to ensure we keep to your schedule.

Preparation shots – We do this without being obtrusive. We are there to document the excitement and emotion, the details and the fun! Once everyone is ready we have a short session with the bride before she leaves for the ceremony. If the groom is getting ready in the same venue we will ‘shoot’ him too! If not we go to the ceremony location before the bride leaves and capture the groom and the guys there.

Ceremony – We consult with the celebrant before the ceremony to ensure they know we respect the celebration of marriage. We work with them and other vendors to ensure the moving moments of your ceremony are captured in a non-obtrusive fashion.

Post Ceremony – This time is designed for you during our pre wedding consultation.  We understand everyone is different. Some couples love the idea of a photo session while others are camera shy. We listen to what you want your photography to portray of your day. We offer suggestions and then we agree on how your photography session will flow.

Generally, after the ceremony we do formal group shots (for the parents and your future grandkids!!). We are experts at doing these in less than 10 minutes! Then we do a styled and candid session away from the guests with the bridal party followed by the couple alone. We keep the session as short or as long as you wish and we like to keep it fun – after all it is your wedding day so every moment should be as enjoyable as possible! We get you back to your guests asap and then discretely stay in the background and take reportage and candid style photos of your guests mingling up to when your guests are called for dinner. At this point we slip away and let you enjoy your evening away from the cameras. If you book us up to dancing, we capture the cake cutting and first dances and then slip away.

Post Production – All our photographs are captured in RAW and every image goes through a meticulous post production hand editing process to ensure every photograph you get looks stunning and is ready to be printed with high quality results. We spend at least 40 hours working on post production of your collection (800 images approx) and we usually have them ready to send to you in 6-8 weeks after the wedding.

Online password protected viewing gallery – As soon as your photos are ready we upload them to a private gallery so that you can view them immediately. No waiting for the post to arrive! We use software that you can view on any device and share with family and friends. We also set it up so that you can download with ease any of the photos social media size or full size for printing at the touch of a button.

High Resolution print ready digital images on a USB with a license to print – We then send you a pretty USB boxed presentation of all your images.

My friend/uncle has a great camera so why choose you?

Choosing a relative or friend to do your photography is a huge risk. Your photos (and video) are the visual memories that will remind you of your day for the rest of your life. They are the pictures you will show your future children and grandchildren.

Here are 8 good reasons why you should hire a professional and not a friend or relative:

1. Wedding photography is so much more than just having a good camera. It’s hard work!! Your photographer does not stop for 6 to 9 hours continuously watching for the moments and perfect pictures to illustrate the story of the day. We are exhausted by the time it comes to the first dance, do you want your guest who is taking pictures to feel that way before the party?

2. They won’t be in the photos and they will be anxious to do a good job for you so won’t be able to relax.

3. There will be friends and relatives at the wedding who they haven’t seen in an while and will want to talk to them and sometimes this leads them to being distracted and missing precious moments. As a wedding planner I have seen this many times and the one regret the couple say afterwards is that they didn’t book a professional. We don’t shoot friends or relatives weddings for this reason! When you book us for your wedding we are not there to socialise or to fill a gap in our portfolio, we are there to capture the story of your wedding while you are all looking fabulous!

4. What if they can’t make it at the last minute? We have a network of photographers we can call on at the last minute in the event of an emergency. So our emergency doesn’t turn into your emergency.  This happened with our photographer on our wedding day – his wife went into premature labour and his son was born on our wedding day, he had no back up so we have about 3 decent photos of our wedding. It happens!

5. We are contracted to have your photos to you within a timely manner. I have a friend whose friend took their wedding photos 20 years ago … they are still waiting on them.

6. What if something goes wrong with the camera? It happens. One good camera does not always do the trick, a professional photographer usually has about £20k worth of equipment with them which they have invested in as tools of their trade. They usually have double of everything incase anything malfunctions (it happens!) : cameras, memory cards, batteries, lenses.

7. Practice makes perfect. We have shot over 200 weddings (we’ve lost count!) We know the moments of different ceremonies to capture the vows, the rings, the first kiss, we know when to shoot and not spray shoot your whole ceremony hoping to capture the moment. We keep our distance so the intimacy of the moment is not lost but still captured.

8. We know how to make you look your best! We know how to capture a pose in a natural way, how to play with light and how to photograph a couple on their wedding day! This again has come with practice.

Why Choose You Over Others?

Hopefully you choose us because you like our style of photography and you know we are going to look after you well! But here are some other reasons:

We know Italy, we have been planning and shooting weddings here for over 7 years. We loved Italy so much that we moved here full-time from Ireland in 2017. We know the wedding venues, if we have not done a wedding there already we can go and explore it and it’s surrounds to find the best photo spots.

Rosie has done wedding planning for years so if you need recommendations of other suppliers for other services we will be happy to help if we can.

We speak english so there is no miscommunication when planning your photography (as long as you are an english speaker too!).

There are two of us for the price of one! This is a huge advantage as it speeds the photography up, it ensures none of the important moments are missed. You get everything from two points of view and two slightly different styles which gives you a great variety of shots of your day.


How Much Do You Charge?

All our prices are listed on our Investment page which you can see here. Please note depending on where your wedding is, there may be an additional expense fee to cover travel and overnight accommodation.

If you choose the full start to finish plan we do require two meals to be provided during the dinner.


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